Longhorn Beef

Today, more than ever, people are constantly looking for better alternatives than packing house store cut meat. The old days of the butcher shops where the beef producers saw every step of the process has gone to the way side. Now you buy meat at the grocery store, unaware of where it came from, unaware of the health of the animal, unaware of the care taken to produce the very food you're planning to put on your family's table. 

At R&B Longhorns we're offering an opportunity to bring you back to the days of local homegrown grass fed beef- zero growth hormones or steroids raised here in Southern Illinois.  R&B Longhorns has been in operation for over 5 years and is dedicated to raising top quality Longhorns. Part of our program consists of raising grass fed non growth hormone Longhorns to the perfect age for tenderness and flavor.

Nutritional Facts

Longhorn is "the other red meat", much healthier than the beef is you bought at the grocery store. The beef tests lower in cholesterol and higher in protein, "also higher in vitamin A, CLAs and Omega 3 fatty acides, all crucial in reducing cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure"


How to buy our grass fed Longhorn beef

Ground Beef & Individual patties
- Our ground beef is all the great cuts. While the ground beef you'll find at the grocery store consists of the trimmings and scraps of the animal, R&B's ground beef has some great cuts in there like the roasts for example. It's all the good stuff. 

Individual cuts will be sold on a first come first serve basis and sells out fast! Keep up with us on Facebook and find out when we have beef coming in. 



Does Longhorn taste different? Yes, it's much leaner than Angus beef. Fat wise it's much more comparable to venison than it is other beef. Much of the fat on a longhorn is what is called trim fat, and there really isn't much of that either. Longhorn is incredibly lean.

How should I prepare it? Check out our cooking tips section. With it being as lean as it is it's a common problem for people to OVERCOOK it.

Why is Longhorn beef not more available? There are a couple simple economics reasons. 1) If you look at the markets, all beef breeds end with the outcome of meat on the table. All but Longhorns that is. While the Longhorn beef is extremely healthy and delicious the butchering side of the Longhorn market is usually the last market we touch. Our cattle are more profitable selling as seed stock to raise very marketable cattle for other programs. Our bulls and our steers are typically the only ones who become delicious heart healthy Longhorn beef. So about 30% of Longhorns are actually butchered compared to a much higher percentage of other beef breeds. 2) Longhorns do not gain weight as fast as the other beef breeds. Because of that they simply don't produce the pounds per head. Even though the meat is much healthier very few ranchers are willing to take the pay cut to raise Longhorns.
Why should I buy local grass fed Longhorn? 1) It's the healthiest red meat you'll find. 2) It's all grass fed with zero growth hormones or steroids added. 3) You know exactly what you're getting. How do you know the beef you buy in the grocery store is Angus which it claims? The quality of Longhorn hamburger consists of some of the best parts of the cow where the quality of the grocery store hamburger consists of random scrap cuts they grind into a pile.

Will you ship out of state? Our butcher is located out Southern Illinois. Depending on how far you're willing to drive or how much you're willing to pay our driver we will deliver anywhere.